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Welcome to Visjon2030 Formative Research Project Website

The formative dialogue research project is aimed at conducting a formative research on projects financed by the Research Council of Norway under the Norwegian Visjon2030 financing program. The objective of the Visjon2030 initiative is to contribute to poverty reduction in countries receiving development aid from Norway, by further developing and scaling up innovative solutions that promote achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for education and health.

The Formative dialogue research is aimed at establishing a knowledge foundation about the Visjon2030 financing mechanism and draw more general lessons and recommendations for innovation work within the areas of health and education in aid.

The Norwegian Agency for Development (Norad) is responsible for the funding mechanism and the funds are distributed by Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway. The program provided financing for 10 projects through Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway. 

This website is set up as a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform for the formative dialogue research project as well as the 10 innovation projects throughout their implementation period.