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Formative Research

With the new sustainable development goals (SDGs) set for the year 2030, there is recognition in the development community about the need to go beyond fragmented, one-off projects and the need to focus on scaling up successful innovation projects that address societal challenges such as poverty.

​The Vision2030 initiative is a funding mechanism to contribute to poverty reduction in countries receiving development aid from Norway, with the explicit purpose of scaling up innovative solutions that promote achievements of the SDGs in education and health.  The program portfolio has 10 projects financed by Norwegian Research Council (57 million NOK) and Innovation Norway (18 million NOK).

The formative dialogue research project has two main objectives: 

  • to analyze and develop theoretical understanding of the Visjon2030 mechanism; and 
  • to provide research based inputs that strengthen the implementation of the eleven projects while assessing impacts and strategies for scaling-up successful innovation projects.

The formative dialogue research plays a supportive role to the development of the Vision2030 projects through specific provisions of inputs in design, documenting evidence about the performance of the projects, and devising strategies for scaling-up the projects. Field visits to the countries of operations are integral part of the formative research project. Seminars, workshops and dialogue meetings with key stakeholders (project implementers and funding agencies) increase learning, exchange of experiences and creating synergies among the projects.