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About Us

The formative dialogue research project is implemented by a consortium of national and international institutions carefully constructed to ensure optimal balance and complementarities between partners in order to ensure the achievement of the project’s objectives. It includes active participation of partners from Tanzania and Niger. Within the consortium, the disciplinary expertise encompasses: political science, public health, education, anthropology, economics, and innovation. The transdisciplinary team help addressthe complexity of the innovation projects and provide relevantperspectives into the scientific underpinnings of the research activities.

Fafo Research Foundation

logo fafo2Fafo Research Foundation is an independent research institute established in 1982. Fafo works in countries undergoing substantial structural change as the result of development, complex emergencies or violent conflict. Our research and evaluation focuses on persons most affected by change. Fafo is the lead institute of the consortium building on its strong competence in education, health, statistical methods, data collection and field experience in the focuscountries of the Visjon2030 program.

Fafo team members:
  • Anne Hatløy, Project leader
  • Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Project co-lead
  • Tor Halvorsen

Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education

logo nifuNIFU is an independent social science research institute, which performs studies of education, research and innovation as multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of research in a global perspective. It has vast expertise in evaluating educational innovations, including digital learning programsfor reading, writing, and math skills. NIFU has a broad portfolio of projects and expertise related to innovation systems, including analyses of innovation policy and innovation indicators.

Team members
  • Markus Bugge
  • Cathrine Tømte

Center for International Health, University of Bergen

logo uibThe Centre for International Health is a center at the University of Bergen (UiB) aims to initiate and foster education and research relevant to important health problems in developing countries. Established in 1988, the Centre has now 14 professors. The research topics at CIH are all in the area of global health, with particular focus on maternal and child health, child health and nutrition, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, development of new interventions and impact evaluation of existing intervention, vaccines for childhood diarrhea, breastfeeding, health policy and systems research, disease prevention and health promotion, oral health, occupational health and rehabilitation.

Team members
  • Graziella Van den Bergh
  • Bente Moen

School of Public Health and Social Sciences, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

logo muhimbiliThe School has a wealth of experience in conducting research and community service activities within Tanzania and beyond and collaborates with a number of partner universities, governments, and research institutions and not least the communities it serves.

Team members
  • Deodatus Kakoko
  • Ezra Mrema


Laboratoire Ouest Africain de Sciences Sociales

logo lasdelLaboratoire Ouest Africain de Sciences Sociales (LASDEL) is a Nigerian and Benin laboratory for social science research founded in Niamey (Niger) in 2001. It conducts qualitative empirical work (socio-anthropological field surveys) according to international quality standards. It has 26 African researchers who are engaged in assessments of public policies. LASDEL is a member of Afrobarometer.

Team member
  • Adamou Moumouni