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Development of technology-based Learning Lab for International Market through NGO Channels

Development of technology-based Learning Lab for International Market through NGO Channels
Project leads
  • Leap Learning
  • Focus countries
  • Somalia
  • Funding source
    Innovation Norway
    Partner Institutions
  • Leap Learning
  • Save the Children
  • Contact leader for the project
  • Marit Linnebo Olderheim

    Leap Learning
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Leap Learning has developed a Learning Lab where the conventional classroom has been replaced with a modern, complete installation consisting of two key elements: 1) a physical room with workstations 2) reading board with educational programs for each station. Children learn at their level and at their pace. They learn to read and write in weeks. The lab is used without access to the Internet and power, making it very suitable for use in developing countries and others demanding contexts. The project plans to develop a clear commercialization plan by working closely with Save the Children to create the optimal product for those with a focus on writing- and reading skills. It aims to develop a product that suits the operational contexts of Save the Children and other potential non-governmental organizations, government agencies and schools. The project identifies market criteria, market power and the demand of the product, as well as clarify both theoretical and practical aspects of the product that must be clarified: Price range, operational factors, resource needs, language needs and cultural adaptation, as well as operational and other unforeseen consequences such a project can have in a difficult context. In order to identify these criteria and to answer them in the best possible way, the project sets up a pilot of the Learning Lab at two different schools in Somalia.

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